• Promote yourself or your group
      with a professional web site
    • Sell your CD's and downloads
      online with our ecommerce system
    • Instant automated download delivery
      system - you do nothing but collect revenue
    • Customized template allows your style
      and personality to come through the site
    • Samples of all your songs
      available on each page


    Responsive design allows your web site to automatically adapt to the width of the device screen being used.

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    Sell your products online and expand your market potential. We can guide you through the steps necessary to get your business selling online.

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    Selling Downloads

    Automate the distribution of your download giving your customer immediate fullfillment and more time for you.

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    Custom web site design

    Bring your idea for custom web application to us and we will work with you to make your idea a reality online.

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    We Bring Your Music to the Web

    Giving all musicians the opportunity to bring their music to the world through their own web site. Providing internet marketing to enable even small scale musicians to be able to sell their music online. The opportunity to market your music to the world through the web is here!

    Musicians looking to broaden exposure to their music need Musicians Outreach to help engage their target audience. Getting your music in front of the right people is not as simple as creating a web page and expecting everyone to come rushing to see your page. The process of developing the site properly with optimization techniques, marketing the site using many different tools, and giving your users the information and experience that they are looking for across all platforms and devices is a daunting task but you have someone on your side that can help you accomplish your goals.

    Musicians Outreach is not a "Do It Yourself" system that will promise you how "easy" it is to develop something awesome and then lets you try and figure out how to just get a basic page listed with a picture and some content on your own. You provide us with your pictures and information and we convert them into a site that is built for you. We are unique in that our template automatically adjusts for different devices and screen sizes meaning that your users can view your site on their smart phone or tablet device just as easily as they can on their computer. This gives you an advantage of not needing different sites or apps for people to view your site from different devices.

    Musicians Outreach will build a "CD" page that give your users the opportunity to play clips of each of your songs while still reviewing your page and allows them to purchase downloads of your songs right from the site. If you have a physical CD, we can sell that too and can take care of shipping if you provide us with the copies ahead of time. Otherwise if someone orders a physical copy, you will receive the information to complete the order. If you don't have a physical CD, we will use a picture you provide to market your CD page but the music will only be available for download.


    Musicians Outreach and Net Eagles Web Development recently completed a full makeover of the web site of Mary Beth Carlson and also earlier this year completed a makeover of the Piano Brothers web site.  We invite you to take a look at these sites as examples of just some of the possibilities of what we can do for you!


    Mary Beth Carlson

    The music of Mary Beth Carlson will lead you through a peaceful journey of comfort and contentment, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

    Visit Site

    The O'Neill Brothers

    Tim & Ryan O'Neill are pianists that have successfully marketed over 35 CDs of their signature relaxing piano music. 

    view site