One of the biggest benefits of online sales for digital products is the ease of delivery, and the Musicians Outreach system is designed with that as a central part of its usability. Our delivery system is fully integrated into the shopping experience and caters to MP3's, PDF's, zip files or an array of other digital content formats, so the delivery of your music files is fully automatic and customers receive their products instantly without any need for manual input. The system is designed around a forced, single click operation that means the end user cannot see the location where the file is downloading from thus enhancing security and peace of mind for artists.

    This system is, we think, the crucial function of our system, one of the biggest worries for any artist is piracy or people finding their file depository location. As such we spent a lot of time looking at online delivery systems to see how things could be improved, and we think our one click solution is the best of its kind available. Ensuring the file location is never revealed is imperative for the continued success of any web store and for artists to remain in control of their own output.

    This kind of security is often an afterthought when setting up a web store, sometimes with disastrous results, but here at Musicians Outreach, we understand the needs of artists and rather than an afterthought, the safe management of the music itself was where we started.

    After a purchase a sales report is automatically generated to enable you to keep track of site performance and assist with records requirements.

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