Musicians Outreach is a MANAGED web site solution that allows you to:

      Supplies your domain name web hosting as part of your package (www.Your-Name-Here.com)
      Display a full information home page with pictures
      Basic package gives you one CD page that displays songs with a player on the page to allow users to listen as they browse
      Music player on every page
      Contact page with form to allow users to complete and you immediately get an email with their information and they get a generated email back from you
      News and Information page - dynamically editable page that will display up to date information
      Schedule and Events page - dynamically editable page that will display your information
      Booking request page - we include a booking form page that allows users to request a date for booking you. You get the email with all their information and can respond appropriately.
      Give all musicians the opportunity to bring their music to the world through a musicians web site and internet marketing.

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