Mobile Solution

    One of the biggest shifts in internet usage in recent years has been the adoption of mobile devices as the primary means of not just accessing the internet itself, but for internet shopping. Even as little as 5 years ago the majority of people were accessing web stores with a laptop or desktop, these days it is far more likely to be a mobile device.

    This can present a problem, mobile devices vary so much in terms of screen size, resolution and indeed more or less everything else that ensuring what your customers see when they access the site, whether they are viewing it on a 27" desktop monitor, an IPad or a 4" smart phone screen, is what you intended them to see, is something that needs careful consideration.

    The traditional way to deal with this is a specific mobile version of the site, but this is not without issues, with the screen size varying significantly just in mobile devices alone what is presented doesn't necessarily fit what was intended, a more modern approach is that of responsive design.

    This site is an example of a responsive design, and it is what we recommend and provide as the basis of any web store. A responsive design reacts to the size of device it is being viewed on and adapts the layout elements to suit. This ensures that what you want your customers to see, is exactly what they will see, no matter what size of device they are using.

    Responsive web design is the recommended configuration of Google, the most popular search engine.

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